The reported distribution of the Spectacled bear in Venezuela spans the wild areas (forests and páramos) across Mérida Mountain Range, El Tamá Massif and the Perijá Mountain chain. 

The identifiable areas of presence, confirmed or probable (*) are as follows:

Lara State:

1. Cerro El Pingano – Fila El Frío - Headwaters of the Bocoy river. Municipality of Jiménez, 25 Km. East - Northeast of Acarigua.

2. Cerro Llorón  - Fila Los Ranchitos - Fila  Miracuy. Municipality of Jiménez, 42 Km. East of Acarigua.

3. Cerro María Lionza (*), border between the Municipalities of Morán (Lara) and Guanare (Portuguesa), 21 Km. South - Southeast of Guaríco.

4. Fila La Escalera  – Fila Miracuy.

5. El Junquito Mountain –  Villanueva Mountains (*).

6. Páramo Los Nepes  - Cerro El Cepo  (*), Municipality of Morán, 9 Km. South of Barbacoas.

Trujillo State:

1. Mountains Southeast of Chejendé (*). Municipality of Carache, Southeast of Chejendé.

2. Páramo de Guaramacal -  Páramo de Agua Fría. Municipality of Boconó, 5 Km. Southeast of Boconó.

3. Fila Llano Grande – Páramo Masparro, 3 Km. Southeast from Niquitao.

Mérida State:

1. Páramo de Don Pedro – Serranía de Santo Domingo. South slope, Sierra Nevada of Mérida.

2. Cerro San Antonio- Páramo del Oro  (*). North slope, Sierra Nevada of Mérida.

3. Páramo de Aricagua – Páramo de Buenos Aires. Municipalities of Libertador and Arzobispo Chacón.

4. Páramo de Altamira – Páramo El Serrucho – Filo Mucutiris (*), between the Nuestra Señora, Chama and Mucutuy rivers.

5. Páramos Las Tapias- Río Negro - El Molino.

6. Fila Santa Rosa – Montañas de Caparo.

7. Páramo El Escorial.

8. Páramo de Los Conejos - Piedras Blancas.

9. Valle Grande - La Pedregosa - Las Gonzáles.

10. Páramo El Tambor.

Táchira State:

1. Páramo de Batallón - Páramo del Oso – Filo de Caricuena  (*), Municipality of Jauregui, 3 Km. South of La Grita.

2. Cerro La Maravilla, 5 Km. East of San Cristóbal.

3. Páramo La Revancha -  Cerro Urumal    Cadena de Burgua.

  Zulia State:

1. Serranía de Valledupar – Sierra de Motilones, Municipality of Perijá.



The lower altitude limit for the distribution of the Spectacled bear in Venezuela was reported to be approximately 800 meters above sea level (m.a.s.l.), being demarcated mostly by human settlements across the rivers lowland areas and in areas of moderate relief located in the Andean foothill deposits. However, we cannot rule out the presence of individuals of this species in unpopulated wild areas below the 800 m.a.s.l.

The upper altitude limit of these animals corresponds to the ecotone páramo – cloud forests, located between 2,900 and 3,200 m.a.s.l. Although the Spectacled bear utilizes some of the resources in the Andean páramo, we cannot refer to it as being a páramo animal, but more as a resident of the cloud forests, which occasionally uses the high altitude ecosystems.

Credits in Photos: 

- Sunrise in the cloud forest, © Jaime Bautista, AndígenA.

- Cloud forest of the Sierra Nevada National Park (Altitude Range), © AndígenA.